About us

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Global Fluid Power Society (GFPS) is a worldwide community of institutes for networking in the area of fluid power and fluid techniques. GFPS’s general objectives are to:

·         Bring people of the fluid power community “together”

·         Provide information about fluid power developments and publications

·         Strengthen the standing of fluid power and fluid techniques in industry and academia

·         Promote fluid power and fluid techniques as scientific/technical discipline

·         Promote collaborative projects and provide information about expertise in the field of fluid power technology

·         Promote the exchange of students and researchers among fluid power institutions

GFPS publishes the International Journal of Fluid Power and provides literature information on Fluid Power. An important aspect of GFPS is technology transfer via Workshops, Conferences, and Forums.

The Global Fluid Power Society operates as a Non-Profit Corporation, registered in the United States (State of Indiana).

More information please go to www.gfpsweb.org.